Specifications are nice, but performance is what counts. PythonX performance stuns is customers by improving fab shop productivity by 40%, 50% and even 60%. That kind of economic performance makes the difference between winning and losing that next big order.

This amazing plasma cutting system puts smaller independent fabrications shops immediately into the 'big leagues' because it allows them to outproduce larger shops that still must move a beam from one machine to another, losing valuable production time to non-valuable waiting time.

For many smaller producers, it may be the only machine they need in their entire shop, since the only tasks it doesn't do is weld and paint. For accurate processing, excellent shape and high productivity, this is the future of structural fabrication

             The Leader in Structural Steel Plasma Cutting Technology

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The Smart Serpent

We use that phrase to describe the ability of PythonX to read
.dstv files from all the major structural steel detailing "CAD" programs and determine the sequence of plasma cuts to be made to the beam, plus the movement of the robotic arm.

Reading .dstv files from Tekla, StruCad, SDS/2 and others is
not unique to PythonX. The CNC beam drill lines of Peddinghaus, Ficep, Ocean Machinery and others do that. It's how their drills determine exactly where to put
the bolt holes.

The difference with PythonX is our "smart serpent" uses the information to determine where
to put EVERY feature – copes, flange flush cuts, text letters for piece marks, notches – EVERY feature.

That way operator involvement
is truly minimized. There's NO measuring, NO chalk drawing features on the beam and NO hand drilling or handheld torch cutting. That saves time, labor cost and eliminates errors.

That's how PythonX gets your
fab shop operations ' lean' and your costs so low that your competitors simply won't know what hit them the next time they have to bid against you on a job and you've got PythonX in your corner. Just better hope they don't have a PythonX in their corner first.

How Does PythonX Perform On The Job? Users Speak Up.

WIth the number of PythonX installations around the world approaching 100, there is clear evidence that advanced robotic plasma cutting technology is revolutionizing structural steel fabrication. PythonX owners are achieving unprecedented productivity improvements, while at the same time improving the quality of the product they supply. Here are a few selected comments regarding how PythonX is performing for them:

beam processing
plasma cutting with robotic arm   "It's all about efficiency. PythonX offers us a 90% reduction in labor and an
  1800% increase in productivity. When we are running at full capacity, it
  will take the place of 30 to 40 people"
                  Structural Steel Fabricator from Arizona
PythonX robotic mounting cabinet and motion controlenlarge photo   "Thank you for developing this machine – I don't know why everyone
  doesn't have one. It gives me a big advantage in bidding new work and
  it has changed how I run my business "
                 Structural Steel Fabricator from California
sparks illuminate cabinet interiorenlarge photo   "PythonX is fantastic! I load the beam on the infeed conveyor, and press
  the start button - I don't even watch what happens in there - and out
  comes a finished beam that can be sent right over to fitting or painting."
                  Structural Steel Fabricator from Ontario
training of a group of operatorsenlarge photo   "So you just click 'File/Open', choose the drawing file of the piece you
   want to fabricate and that's it? The machine is programmed ? That can't
   be it . . . that's so simple!"
                  Structural Steel Fabricator from Western Canada
bolt holes, copes, slot and cut-to-length . . . all on one machineenlarge photo   "We've increased our overall production by 100% since we got PythonX.
   Now we do double the work with the same number of employees and
   the same floorspace "
                  Structural Steel Fabricator from California
operator involvement in minimizedenlarge photo   "We used to prep everything manually. It would take an hour to prep, cope
  and drill 10 holes in a beam. With PythonX, it only takes about 10 minutes.
  The amount of time it saves is huge."
                 Structural Steel Fabricator from Ontario