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Tube Mill Finishing Floor Equipment

Our Tube Processing/ Finishing Equipment includes deburr equipment, tube packaging, tube washing equipment and multiple cut cold saws for tube cutting.

Material Handling
Our Material Handling Equipment includes automated overhead cranes and transfers, robotic palletizing systems, conveyors and measuring systems. We
also offer material handling equipment for heavy machinery with over 100,000 lbs capacity.

Structural Steel & Metal Building Fab Equipment

Prior to development of the PythonX system we made traditional CNC steel fabrication machines like angle lines, drilling centers, plate lines, etc. We still make such machines for special situations, but most of these customers now opt for PythonX.

Custom Factory Automation
Our engineering talent gives us the capability to make custom, special-purpose machines for unique applications. These have included multi-station machining centers, assembly systems,
and sophisticated inspection systems.

Tire Material Handling
An outgrowth of our custom factory automation capability is
a diverse set of machines used by tiremakers to address unique handling challenges.

Plasma cutting system integration is a core capability of Burlington Automation

Engineering Innovation in Custom Fabricating and Automation Equipment

Burlington Automation supplies state-of-the-art steel fabricating machinery, automated tube cutting, processing and finishing systems, custom automation and material handling equipment.  That capability is rooted in the skill of our engineering and manufacturing staff who have over 35 years of experience designing, manufacturing and integrating automated CNC systems. They continually apply emerging technologies, like precision motion control and high-definition plasma cutting, to solve tough customer problems.

We serve a diverse set of customers, including structural steel and pre-eng building fabricators, Tier 1/Tier 2 automotive suppliers, tube mills and tube processing plants, primary and secondary steel producing and processing companies, tire manufacturers and many others. Across this wide array of industries, we have a single goal: continue to design and build state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and provide exceptional service to keep them running at maximum performance.

With customers in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, we have to be sensitive to the needs of a global customer base.
That demands an ability to quickly and effectively service our systems around the clock – something we've developed advanced tools and technologies for.

Advanced Customer Support Technology to Maximize Uptime

It's good to know that PythonX startup and operator training is conducted by the same Burlington Automation specialists who build and test the equipment. The training typically only takes two to three days and is conducted at your location, on your machine and fabricating parts, many of which you'll ship to your customers.

Those same specialists are the ones who will service your PythonX system should you need 'hands-on' support.  However, chances are you won't need that level of support. That's because we've developed and built into PythonX unique diagnostics and remote access utilities that help us quickly assess your machines' condition, no matter where it is, so long as Internet access is available. How do we use these capabilities?

      •  Troubleshoot issues remotely and solve them 'over the phone'
      •  Interrogate the machine's diagnostics
      •  Conduct 'live chat' with your operators
      •  Control the machine and have it perform selected functions

In addition, PythonX customers enjoy '24/7' access to our dedicated Product Support Hotline, plus same-day shipment of parts.